Why you should stay in a hotel when travelling

Since Biblical times, hotels and inns have been offering a place to stay in exchange for money, which basically still defines a hotel all those centuries later. 

Why Stay In a Hotel?

For most of us, a hotel is a place to stay away from home, whether we are travelling on holiday, for business or to visit family. In most cases, it serves a purely practical purpose in providing temporary accommodation, whether you need accommodation rooms in Sutton Coldfield, near Birmingham or anywhere in else the world.

Many early hotels were poorly run and were literally just a room in someone's home; it was the Romans who saw the possibilities of good quality accommodation being used to attract people to a particular area. The word hospitality comes from the Latin for host.

Spa Hotels

Hotel nowadays often contain other areas for you to explore. These can include tennis courts, gyms, overnight spa breaks for couples, leisure facilities and meeting or conference rooms. The Moor Hall Hotel in Sutton Coldfield for example, is a Spa hotel. This is the perfect place to escape, relax and unwind, offering day visits and overnight spa offers where you can sleep in the hotel afterwards. 

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Common Hotel Amenities and Features

Different hotels offer different features and amenities, and as you generally pay more for these, you need to decide what's important to you, based on your specific needs and budget. The star rating system for hotels has been around in some form since the middle of the last century and still gives travellers a fairly accurate idea of what to expect from their stay. Some features that may be important include a concierge desk, room service, a restaurant or bar on the property, and on site parking, especially in the city. If you are travelling for business, you may appreciate a large work desk in your room, early or late check in, a business centre in the hotel, and a location convenient to your office.

Staying In a Hotel For Business

Today, hotels can be used for that same reason; they can also serve as an overnight stop on the way to somewhere else or a place to stay when family and friends can't put you up. Many business travellers or those whose work routinely takes them away from home need to stay in a hotel on a regular basis, and the hotel becomes more of a place to stay; it can be a place to meet clients, to get some work done or to take part in meetings or seminars. If you are travelling for pleasure, a hotel makes a good base from which to explore a city or surrounding area.

What Makes a Good Hotel?

Although we all probably have our own idea what makes a good hotel, top of most people's list is a comfortable, clean room, an affordable rate, a TV and free Wi-Fi. And most of us like our own private shower or bathroom; going down the hall to use the toilet in the middle of the night is not appealing. Of course, it also depends on why you are staying there in the first place; if it's a hurried stop on the way to your actual destination, the quality and amenities aren't as important to you as they would be if you were staying a week or more. And good service and friendly staff are also important, especially if you are staying longer or celebrating an anniversary or special occasion in a luxury hotel.